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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is our great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the 12th Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders – European Chapter (IFSO-EC), which will be held in Vienna, Austria between 2 and 4 May 2024.

The local Organizing Committee, the Scientific Committee, and the Executive Council of the IFSO-EC are going to create an attractive program for bariatric and metabolic surgeons, integrated health specialists, as well as internists and researchers in the field of obesity. The program will consist of pre-congress courses, state-of-the-art lectures, panel discussions, abstract sessions, interdisciplinary sessions, and video presentations. Further, a Young-IFSO session is going to attract residents, trainees, and medical students to exchange knowledge and ideas.

In terms of transportation, Vienna is a cosmopolitan city in the heart of Europe which is very easy to reach. The direct flight time from any European capital to Vienna does not exceed 3 hours. Also, a journey to Vienna by train is comfortable and quick as well. Plus, the excellent local public transport system in Vienna is characterized by short waiting times.

Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world with a low crime rate. No other city in Europe can boast a higher ratio of green space to total area than Vienna. Forests, grassland, parks, and gardens make up about half the city. If you are interested in sightseeing, walking in the footsteps of Austrian emperors by visiting the baroque Schönbrunn Palace, the Spanish Riding School, or strolling along the magnificent Ring Boulevard are extraordinary adventures.

To sum up, we are sure that attending the IFSO-EC congress in Vienna in 2024 will not only mean great scientific enrichment but also a feeling of coming home to a traditional and yet modern cosmopolitan city and meet the IFSO family/friends.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna in Spring 2024!

Gerhard Prager
IFSO-EC 2024 Congress President

Daniel Moritz Felsenreich
IFSO-EC Executive Director




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